Oct 22, 2007


Its that time of year again! PUNKIN CARVIN!!!! And we sooo love being able to do it together. I am loving it more and more cause the girls are getting old enough that they can do their OWN pumpkins with very little help from us. Hannah got this cool light set one day while out. The pegs are just like the lightbright pegs though a little longer. She hammered em in following a pattern that came with the kit and made an adorable kitty. When the light is in it it looks like blinking Christmas lights. Heather of course chose and Naruto character. She was a little bummed that the light didnt shine through better, but of course I thought she did an excellent job.

This is a Kickstand card I was playing around with the other day. Isnt he adorable?? He was stamped on white and then I freehand drew some sort of a box around him...kind of leaving part of the image outside of the box just to give it a bit of flare. I matted him a couple of times and then added him to the front of the card. The card is cut about 1" from the bottom on the front flap and then the scarecrow is placed to be the "KICKSTAND" and there you have it! I am STILL in the scrap box and I gotta tell ya...I have some fantastic papers in there...but it is just NOT as fun as cutting into a brand new piece of paper. *LOL* How retarded is that!?!?
Anyways. I chose to put up the kickstand today because I wanted to remind you to use YOUR kickstand. Just when you dont think you can go on any further. Just when you dont think you can handle your situation any more...Keep on praying. Keep on leaning on Jesus to balance you. Even if you are standing still and resting upon your kickstand...he is there to hold you up. Remember though Jesus is the one and only kickstand that will withstand EVERYTHING, you do have friends and family that are there to hold you up too. Lean on them and together youll make it through.
Today is house cleaning day. YICK! But some how I got way behind. Where have I been? *insert look of utter shock and dumbfoundedness here* So I am off!
Enjoy your day!

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