Oct 18, 2007

Handing it over

Orange. NOT one of my favorite colors. I know...I know...I could be shot right here on the spot for saying that. Since I live in the land of UT and EVERYTHING is orange. This is for a monochromatic challenge that I participated in. It actually conquered several challenges at once. It COULD have been SIP if I hadnt put that riffraff down the center. I didnt think about it until it was already on there...and well, I wasnt taking it off. It of course is Mono. And then also this is a stamp I have had for ummm 3 years...maybe 4?? It has never touched ink since I got it. So it was a good card!
As today is a GOOD day! Many things are evolving around here. All for the good. But its taken a lot of work within our family to get over a few hurdles in life. We are doing wonderful though and last night was the first night in a very long time that we were able to express feelings and such for each other, our dreams and our views on life. Hannah is still convinced she is going to be a princess when she grows up. Heather wants to be an animal photographer. It was so great to laugh with the girls wholeheartidly. It was great just to be together.
Funny how God works isnt it? That NOTHING will fall into place until you fully submit to Him? You cant give Him part of your concerns. You cant ask for some things but keep a few held back for whatever reason. Whether that reason is guilt or shame, whether its cause you think you can do it all on your own or whether you just think its silly to be asking in the first place. God is an awesome God and we are sooo lucky that He is willing to take everything from us so that we may live carefree and in good spirits.
I try not to preach on here often, but this is sooo important and it has been highly evident in the Peterson household as of late, so I feel that I MUST ask you. Have YOU given everything over to God? I mean EVERYTHING? Remember, He is just waiting for you to say the word. You cant RUIN His love for you, so why not have a heart to heart today?
It rained over night and now I am watching the sun peak through the clouds. WOW! The light outside is amazing!
Go...create some peace in your world today.

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