Oct 25, 2007

Double Take

HOLY COW! My head is about 4 times it's normal size. I won the DOUBLE TAKE award over at the SHACK. I am NOT one to toot my own horn, but the competition and talent there is amazing and this truly is an honor!! I won for this submission and wow!!! Double take means that the card submission just has an extra wow factor that makes people flock to it. Something that just pops.

Today is a SUNNY day! The rain was such a blessing, but boy it really takes yer mood down. I am up and bright and cheery this morning. Working right along.

This is Cosmobella! I am having so much fun with my new stash of Bellas! And they are super easy to use up scraps with! She says CHEERS on the inside.

And one of my favoritest of em all is the Javabellas! I combined StampingBella with Esspress Yourself from SU!. Held on the image with a couple of photo holders. The inside says....FRIENDS ARE THE COFFEE BREAK IN THE BUSINESS OF LIFE.

THINKING OF YOU goes perfectly with Flowahbella too!

This is my submission to Lori's Blog Contest . I thought that this technique would be a LOT easier than it looks. It was tough getting it all to line up. And I thought I would be nifty and do a fancy cut on my card below...DUH!! Really made it tough. Thanks for the challenge Lori!!

So, now I invite you to go and do a DOUBLE TAKE today! Make an extra special dinner tonight, maybe leave a love note taped to your husband's steering wheel so hell find it on his way to work. Create something special in your life today!


Anonymous said...

Well, I've already done a double take on your double take submission. VERY FUN lil guy! I'm sure that before the day ends I'll be taking a quad take! What a fun blog today. It amy get my good spirits through til the sun shines again!!! Hugs, E

Anonymous said...

Lori, I just love all your Bella's!! Where do you get them? You have a good eye of putting things together and your layering is pretty too. I enjoy looking and reading. Blessings, Hootie