Sep 20, 2007

Have a good weekend!

Its a hectic morning here. I finally got the girls off to school and now I am trying to gather my thoughts. This week is SPIRIT week at Heather's school and today was Orange and Blue day. Great, fine and dandy but somewhere in the midst of spraying her hair with orange and blue stripes I got orange all over my hands! UGH! And of course I have like 5 bagillion things to do today. So I am desperately trying to get that off.

We pull out of here tomorrow and ready for the big weekend at Fall Creek Falls. Since its a Trapping Rendevous I am switched over to Fur. I probly wont make it back to the art room again til next week.

So I thought Id share with you Rachel. She's my latest creation. Shes raccoon.

Have a fantastic weekend!! I am off like a heard of hippos!

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