Sep 26, 2007

Embossing bliss

Do you ever have days
where everything seems to fall into place when you are creating? Now, mind you this does NOT happen to me often, so if you haven't experienced one of these kinds of days, relax.

This was an experimental card. I first was seeing what I could do with the cuttlebug embossers. This is a plain piece of burgandy paper that I embossed. I then ran a brayer over it with black ink. It instantly looked like leather to me. I loooooved that effect. Later in my searches I found out how to make your own custom push pins. These pins are from my sewing stash. They are the ugly yellow ones. Ya know, the ones that are like 2 bagillion for $2. Using your heat gun and your prong holder (yes the one from your chalks will work), hold the pin under the heat for a few seconds. Open up a bottle of embossing powder. Dip the warmed head into the bottle until it coats then heat again. Repeat this process until you have a nice finish over the entire head. A couple of tips though...1) dont lay your pins down to cool...push them into a bulletin board or pin cushion so that they dont go FLAT on one side. I did my pins before I started puting the card together so that I would be sure they were absolutely dry before I tried to use them. 2) Do not do too many layers of heat and reheat as the embossing liquid will run off. In case you were wondering I did do both of these!

These cards are all done with transparencies. I have been experimenting with them as well. Trying to figure out coloring techniques and other such things. This first one is just the heart. Simple stamped with StaZon and the lightly colored. I popdotted it to keep it up off the paper. The next one is very hard to tell, but I ran the tran under the embosser. It looks soooo cool IRL. The next is through the embosser as well, cept I colored it a bit.
Things are a bit slow here today as I think we are all fighting a bug of some sorts. Lots of sneezes going on. Everyone is off to school and all is well.
Enjoy your day. Take time to create something, even if all it is, is a mess...make it the most creative mess you've ever entailed!

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