Sep 17, 2007


Are these colors not just the funnest? It is so hard to be grumpy or down and out when you are working with the bright colors. I stamped my pickup (yes, from LOADS OF LOVE (STAMPIN UP!) and then masked and set the flowers down in the truck. A little bit of coloring and then set it up on dimensionals because I wanted to add just a little zing! A wave here and a curve there and whala! The inside note says: THOUGHT YOU COULD USE A LITTLE PICK UP. This is my own creation! Ha! See, I CAN create without copying!

A VERY VERY fun stamp to use! And my first ever card using the window punch (SU!). I double punched the window to make it long enough for the tree. I masked and then nestled the tree so that it was on the inside of the card. The rest of the stamp masked the other way was mounted on front. Its says: CHRISTMAS IS HERE- MERRY OLD CHRISTMAS, GIFT BEARING, HEART TOUCHING JOY-BRINGING CHRISTMAS. It was a little tricky lining up the tree to be perfect but I really like the result!

I think the tree just screamed for the window and it kind of gave it a whimsical feel. A simple Merry Christmas on the inside, slap some ribbon on and WHALA! Not sure about mass producing these as it took a lot of brain power to get everything lined up.

And of course, what is a BRIEFCASE without a few things CASED in it. I fell in love with this card when I was doing a gallery search. The person had taken the whole set and made a scene. This is A Tree for Every Season (SU!). I hand sketched the fence behind them to tie em all together. Colored in the grass and then added puffy paint for the snow. It says: TIMES AND SEASONS CHANGE, BUT NOT THE WAYS OF FRIENDSHIP. I printed that off from the computer.

And one more CASED layout. More of those awesome colors! I am having so much fun with my CUTTLEBUG embossers. This too is using masking with the basket and flowers. Yet, another Stampin Up! set. It just simply says THANKS. The butterfly is up on dimensions too so it gave it a little zip!

Most of you know, I am NOT a buggy person. I do NOT like creepy crawlies, I do not like anything of this sort. But this little guy was perched outside my door this morning. And I couldn't help but look at him in sheer awe. (Yeah, ok and you can add the fact that I wasnt going anywhere near it to kill it too!) His web is more detailed and finely done than even our finest fashion designers. He is perfectly formed with little knitting needle legs that allow him to make his web. Yet, more proof that God is the finest designer ever. I know that I often get caught up in designing my own life, when if I would just step back and let God do it it would be so much better.

Have a fantastic day!

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